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Meet Beach House Jim

Jim in Treasure Island"Beach House Jim" Hebin has been a real estate investor since 1984, but the history of his involvement with property management and asset protection goes back to his early childhood.     Hublot replica watches

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eldest of eight children, many of whom owned and ran their own sporting camps in the deep woods of Maine. Starting at age eleven, Jim always has summer jobs waiting for him there, where he got the opportunity to learn about the tourism industry while delivering ice, water, wood and kindling to cabin-dwelling visitors. His father bought and renovated single family homes and rented them to long term tenants in middle Georgia; this is where he mastered the art of landlording and rehabbing houses.

In 1984, while attending college in Southern California, his attended his first of many Jack Miller seminars and bought his first house shortly thereafter. Using a variety of artificial entities and acquisition techniques such as lease/options, assignable contracts, land trusts, corporations and LLCs, Jim was able to buy, sell and rent properties to supplement his income through his college years and beyond. As an avid student, Jim also studied under many of the greatest minds in the real estate industry: John Schaub, Pete Fortunato, Jimmy Napier, Dave Tilney, Mark Warda, Jack Shea, and Dyches Boddiford, to name a few. Jim worked a number of years developing course materials for IMPAQ, a management training and consulting firm; then spent several years as creator and owner of the successful internet service provider 10seconds. All the while, Jim continued to buy, sell, fix up and rent properties in Orange County, California.    imitation rolex

By 2002, Jim sold his internet business and liquidated his real estate holdings in California, and moved his family to the beach communities along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Although he continues to buy, sell and operate single family homes as long-term rentals, much of his focus has been on setting up and managing single family and multi-family short-term rental properties and small hotels/motels for the vacationers who flock to Florida's beautiful beaches. As expanded, he began sharing his property management techniques with other investors and property managers, culminating in the class now named "Vacation Rental Fundamentals." He has been featured guest on several local radio and TV shows to discuss landlording and asset protection/estate planning, and has been a forceful advocate for property tax reform in Florida. He now teaches classes regularly in the Tampa Bay area, offering Vacation Rental seminars and Land Trust workshops and hosting Notary Parties to local investors, and continues to offer private mentoring and coaching to investors who want to learn effective investment and property managment strategies and how to implement them. Sign up now to participate in his blog and receive regular Vacation Rental Tips!     fake watches

Jim is currently licensed in Florida as a real estate agent, and insurance agent, and as a Notary Public. (He has even earned the Florida license to teach grades K-6!) He is not a licensed attorney nor CPA and therefore cannot provide legal or financial advice; but with his breath of knowledge and experience, come and enjoy his unique teaching style as he shares his tools, techniques and tips to help your vacation rental business.

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